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SRplot a freely accessible easy-to-use web server that integrated all of the commonly used data visualization and graphing functions together. It can be run easily with all Web browsers, with a user-friendly graphical interface, users can paste your data directly into the input box according to the defined file format. Modification operations can be easily performed, and graphs can be generated in real time. The resulting graphs can be downloaded in bitmap (PNG or TIFF) or vector (PDF or SVG) format in publication quality.
SRplot was published on PlosOne: Tang D, Chen M, Huang X, Zhang G, Zeng L, Zhang G, Wu S, Wang Y. SRplot: A free online platform for data visualization and graphing. PLoS One. 2023 Nov 9;18(11):e0294236 PMID: 37943830.


Statistics of SRplot

  • 150000+ users worldwide
  • 40000+ daily visits
  • 2000+ daily plots
  • 2700+ cites (Google scholar)
  • 120+ plot templates