The aim of this disclaimer of SRplot website was written for providing online services for you.
You must read this disclaimer carefully before using our website, the usage behavior was regarded as agreement of this disclaimer.

1, About Content

I SRplot online analysis and plotting modules were written by our team members using R/Python language, some modules involked third part R/Python/Perl packages, usually with cited references. The copyright belongs to the original authors. If you have objection to the copyright, contact us. After confirm, we will remove this module. We encourage users refer to the original site and authors, respect and protect the copyright.
II To ensure the correctness, all the modules were tested constantly, and bugs were fixed. But, Nobody's perfect, bugs occur for many reasons, and you were freely using our service, thus, if your paper was rejected because of our results, we are not responsible for that.

2, About privacy

III SRplot is a professional website for online data analysis and visualization. When registered, you were requested to provide some informations, such as email address, login password, institute and research directions. Please don't worry: 1, the password was enciphered for 128 bit long strings in the database, we did not see the original password you provided. 2. We will NOT provide any information to the third-part. 3. Your data will be automatically deleted after 24 hours when you finishing the plot or analysis, we will not store your data.
IV If governments demand us to provide user infomation, we are not responsible for this.
V If you provide or share your password to others, hacker attack, virus invasion, service interruption by the server providers, we are not responsible for that.

3, About laws and regulations

VI We put on records in Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of People's Republic of China (浙IPC备19025260). We obey laws and regulations of People's Republic of China, if you violate the laws and regulations by using our service, all at your peril, we are not responsible for that.

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