Note: input data format must match the example on the right, tab-seperated
1, data from excel, copy and paste data into the input frame
2, data from txt, must tab-seperated, copy and paste data into the input frame
3, use point as decimal separator, not comma. e.g. 3.14, not 3,14 as pi

small data (copy and paste)

large data (upload tab-seperated txt file)

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SNP density

Each chromosome was seperated in to many bins, the number of SNPs located within each bin was calculated and plotted.
Input data instructions
The first column is SNP names; the second coloumn is chromosomes (no chr); the third column is coordinates. Plotted by CMplot.
Examples from papersGenome wide association studies for yield and its component traits under terminal heat stress in Indian mustard (Brassica juncea L.) Fig3
Input Example

1) How to plot?
1, Prepare data
2, Open with excel, and change into the same format as the example
3, Copy and paste data into the input frame
4, Select parameters
5, Submit and download figure files

2) Why NO figure generated?
Script need strigent input format, please read the instructions and examples carefully.

3) How to cite?
800+ papers cited (Google Scholar). You can cite the original package, or using the following format:
Heatmap was plotted by, a free online platform for data analysis and visualization.

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