1, Do I need register?

1, test acount username:weishengxin2020@sina.com, password:bio123456
2, register to using all modules, guest can only browser and search

2, Free? What is Points, how to get?

ALL modules are FREE, but to avoid abuse, a few modules need some Points. If you are short of Points, contact us at: ding@bioinformatics.com.cn

3, Do you have instructions or videos?

Generally, the instructions and examples on the right are enough. We are writing detailed instructions and making teaching videos

4, Why my data can not output figures, but sample data can?

Please first read the instructions and examples on the right, then check your data: 1, header line; 2, correct columns and rows; 3, tab-seperated; 4, repeat genes/samples

5, What is tab-seperated?

We use tab to seperate our data by default. In a txt editor, if you press tab key of your keyboard, you get a tab. With excel, just copy and paste the data.

6, What are the file format? Can I use them directly in paper?

We provide 4 types of file formats: two vector vector diagrams (pdf and svg), two scalar diagrams (300 dpi png and 600 dpi tiff). png and tiff for daily PPT report, svg and pdf for paper publishing.

7, What's the font, how to modify?

There are two font options: Arial and Times New Roman. If you want other font, please use AI or inkscape to modify pdf/svg files.

8, Why a cloud of black text after I open svg file with AI?

AI is a comercial software, not very compatible. We recommend you use inkscape

9, How to cite?

Please use the original R/Python/Perl packages, or the following format: Heatmap was plotted by http://www.bioinformatics.com.cn/srplot, an online platform for data analysis and visualization. We encurage you to cite our website or acknowledge us in your paper. This is our biggest promotion.

10, Can't activate?

Contact us