Note: input data format must match the example on the right, tab-seperated
1, data from excel, copy and paste data into the input frame
2, data from txt, must tab-seperated, copy and paste data into the input frame

input data:

Figure size
figure width:
figure height:

Y ticks fontsize:
Y label fontsize:
labelled name fontsize:

Colors and rotation
up bar color:
down bar color:
rotaion degree of names:

Y ticks (default if not choose)
Y min:
Y max:
Y step (default 1):
up: bellow X axis; down: above X axis
up: above bar; down: bellow bar

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gene fold change bar plot

Bars were plotted, represents fold changes, up-regulated and down-regulated genes (miRNAs, lncRNAs, circRNAs, ...).
X axis is gene, Y axis is fold change. Red is up-regulation and green is down-regulation.
note: reorder your data to have a nice view.
Input data instructions
Input data contain two rows: the first row represents different miRNAs, the second row represents log2 fold change.
miRNAs	miR-1	miR-2	miR-3	miR-4	miR-5	miR-6
log2FC	3.3	2.5	2.3	-2.2	-3.4	-3.8

1) How to plot?
1, Prepare data
2, Open with excel, and change into the same format as the example
3, Copy and paste data into the input frame
4, Select parameters
5, Submit and download figure files

2) Why NO figure generated?
Script need strigent input format, please read the instructions and examples carefully.

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