Note: input data format must match the example on the right, tab-seperated
1, data from excel, copy and paste data into the input frame
2, data from txt, must tab-seperated, copy and paste data into the input frame

input data:

left margin:
right margin:
bottom margin:
top margin:

label fontsize:

color 1:
color 2:

spacer siez:

left-right top-bottom
Align type
center bottom

Proportional half circle area chart

Two groups of half circles represent two data sets, and the areas represents values.
Data instruction
Input data contain 3 rows: the first row is name, and the others are dataset values.
Examples from paper
Number of up/down-regulated genes. Negative/positive, before/after, male/female datasets.
name	1h	2h	4h	8h	24h
up	4	9	10	18	25
dn	8	6	12	20	15

1) How to plot?
1, Prepare data
2, Open with excel, and change into the same format as the example
3, Copy and paste data into the input frame
4, Select parameters
5, Submit and download figure files

2) Why NO figure generated?
Script need strigent input format, please read the instructions and examples carefully.

3) How to cite?
203 papers cited SXplot (Google Scholoar). You can cite the original package, or using the following format:
Heatmap was plotted by, a free online platform for data analysis and visualization.

4) FAQs